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Boys starting at Medbury School come from lots of different pre-schools around Christchurch and the surrounding suburbs, but we have a close link with the independent Pre-school at St Margaret's and Selwyn House, catering for both boys and girls, in addition to the Medbury Music & Movement Programme for preschool children.

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St Margaret’s Pre-school

St Margaret’s Pre-school is a brand new purpose built facility located within the modern campus of St Margaret’s College in Merivale. The Pre-school teachers and children have access to all campus facilities and are active participants in the life of the school through whole school activities and celebrations. The school is founded on Anglican Christian values and all staff are committed to role-modelling the values of Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Caring and Compassion, within all relationships and actions.

In the stimulating Pre-school environment children are encouraged to be curious about their world and develop inquiring minds with a love of learning. Qualified teachers encourage and extend on this natural curiosity by planning an inquiry based programme that weaves into various curriculum areas and supports the development of literacy, numeracy, motor skills, art and music.

Through active investigation and the support of teachers and families, children develop working theories and learn to question, investigate, experiment and theorise in their quest for answers and solutions. The Pre-school teachers are also supported by specialist teachers to provide a dynamic programme that includes Languages, PE, Library visits, Yoga, Art and Technology. These experiences and the children’s explorations inform their thinking as they become creative and confident communicators and responsible citizens of this community.

In the term before the children start school they have the opportunity to attend a Transition to School programme up to three times a week. This is led by one of the Pre -school teachers, who is also a trained Primary teacher. The class is held in a Junior school classroom giving opportunities for experiencing school life. It includes taking home a reading book, literacy and numeracy activities and joining in on some school activities.

Selwyn House Pre-school

Selwyn House Pre-school is a vibrant place where childhood is celebrated. Our modern, spacious building is located within the Selwyn House School community and caters to the specific needs of pre-school children.

As the only Pre-school in the South Island that offers the International Baccalaureate Programme and influenced by Reggio Emilia, our educational philosophy incorporates an international perspective into our inquiry-based Preschool. In an environment that supports “The 100 Languages” the children's questions drive their learning. Our hands on and life activities support an expanding awareness and respect of other cultures and perspectives. Our focus is on teaching the children how to learn, how to ask questions, how to research and how to present information.

We offer a unique specialist programme, where each week the children attend Music, Spanish, PMP, Technology, Art sessions and swimming lessons with trained specialist teachers within the school environment. We also offer the Future Coders Programme and a Transition to School Programme for our four-year-old children.

The Transition to School Programme promotes school readiness and supports children to become familiar with the school environment and the new routines they will experience. We also plan carefully to extend the children’s skills such as literacy, numeracy, problem solving and active inquiry, along with personal responsibility and independence. These classes are held in the junior block alongside our Year one class.

Music and Movement at Medbury

Music feeds the brain, it enhances language development, a feel for rhythm and the ability to learn. With studies linking the positive effects of music with learning (Harris, 2008; Lense & Dykens, 2013; Mathur, Duda & Kamat, 2008) it is beneifical for children to have music as part of their day.

Specific movements, such as spinning and tapping, help boost the vestibular system which in turn promotes balance, spatial perception and ability to focus attention.

Here at Medbury we have put them together and created Music and Movement at Medbury. Come and enjoy 45 minutes of M&M fun with Tessa Grigg. We have developed a programme of sensory motor and music classes for children aged 0 - 5 years, with a focus on developing physical skills to encourage effective learning for school. Tessa has a Master of Education, specialising in sensory motor, and has been making children’s music since 1990 (she is the ‘Tessa’ in Tessarose Music).

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