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Let the Choices Do the Work

9:00am, 6 June 2012

Let the choices do the work

Nagging, pleading, and reminding a child very rarely gets results. Let simple choices do the work for you. Don’t get frustrated; just get a plan. If it’s battles over bringing out the lunchbox and notices after school, then make sure afternoon tea is only served to those who have done it. Perhaps older children aren’t picking up their clothes and belongings around the house? Deduct a small amount of pocket money for each item and they will probably get a lot tidier very quickly.

The key is to present these choices simply. Try, “You can choose between bringing your lunchbox out to the kitchen, and then we can have afternoon tea. Or you can choose not to.”  A harsh or vengeful tone will undo the positive atmosphere really fast. Let the power struggles go and children will learn to make good choices.

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