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Parenting tips

Below are a number of articles which offer advice in practical parenting skills and techniques which will increase your familyʼs satisfaction and positivity.

Neighbourhood Trust - Parenting Week 21 August

The Neighbourhood Trust, with funding from the Ministry of Social Development, Christchurch City Council, and others, is proud to bring Christchurch their biannual Parenting Week.  Parenting Week will run from August 21st to 31st 2017.   With the help of parenting experts, advocates and agencies, from Christchurch and further afield, they have put together a programme of 36... read more

Helping Kids Grieve 21 July

Helping kids grieve * Breaking hard news to children is never an easy prospect - but whether it’s parents deciding to separate, the death of a loved one, or any event which can cause trauma for a child, there are some points which will help. * Keep it simple, small pieces of information... read more

Talking with your teenager 09 June

Talking with your teenager A great tip to keep open lines of communication with your teenager is to go gently when you need to ask questions. Sometimes our anxiety causes us to come on a little too heavy, too soon, but taking an open approach is a good way to stay gentle, tactful, and supportive. Try... read more

How Much is Too Much? 05 May

How much is too much? Online gaming, social media, and being permanently connected to the internet; parents of tweens and teens are often frustrated and worried by their child’s fixation with technology. There is so much to learn, discover, and connect with online. Used in moderation, these devices can enhance the well-being and mental health of young... read more

Love and Limits 10 February

Love and Limits Boundaries are how we make it clear to our children what is OK and what isn’t. Figuring out, and agreeing, where we stand as parents is hard enough, then begins the ongoing effort of holding those boundaries secure and consistent. Make this job a lot easier for yourself by getting comfortable with this... read more

The Teenage Brain 26 July

The teenage brain The brain undergoes massive renovation during the teenage years. Neural connections are tested and those the brain decides are less useful for your child’s environment are weakened or lost, while the helpful or frequently used ones are strengthened. This process happens in order, beginning at the back of the brain and moving through... read more

Challenging children 20 May

Challenging children Every parent has strengths and weaknesses. We know instinctively how to handle some children and some issues, while others leave us completely bewildered. Luckily, we don’t need to be perfect all of the time. But it sure helps to know who to turn to when you need some inspiration. If you’ve got a ‘weak... read more

Wardrobe wars 06 May

Wardrobe wars Whether it’s clothes, electronics, make-up or music, teenagers can be extremely territorial about their stuff, leading to spectacular bust-ups over who raided whose wardrobe or didn’t return something that they borrowed, and didn’t even have permission to borrow in the first place. You can mediate endlessly, you can lose your patience, or you can encourage... read more

Plan B Parenting 29 April

Plan b Parenting Fleixbility is a skill.  If you can easily change track to a 'Plan B' when circumstances change, you will handle the complexity of family life with much less stress. A real part of the skill, though, is not being too flexible, especially in the face of resistance from your children. Yes: we... read more

Why big kids need little kids – and vice versa 22 April

Why big kids need little kids – and vice versa Today’s families are often smaller than they were a few generations ago, and we’re less likely to live close to grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. This means it’s not as easy for our kids to spend time with children of different ages. While friends are... read more

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