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Speech & Drama Lessons 2018 – YEARS 4 TO 8

Lessons are offered during school time to boys in Years 4 to 8 and run for a duration of 30 minutes per week.  Before enrolling your son, parents should give careful consideration to the amount of time taken from normal class programmes.  This is especially so for boys involved in the school music programme.  

Kate Wilson
Kate Wilson has a passion for teaching students to express themselves through essential communication skills.   She has a BTchLn; ATCL Teaching Speech and Drama.  She teaches towards both Trinity Guildhall and Speech New Zealand examinations. Kate currently teaches at Selwyn House School, Medbury School, and privately.

Students will learn to communicate with clarity, confidence and courtesy. The speech and drama lessons cover a variety of skills essential within today’s society and individual skills developed through lessons including vocal development, poetry and prose interpretation, drama work, storytelling, sight reading, conversation and discussion skills, and public speaking skills.  Small groups of boys will be taught together in half-hour lessons.  Miss Wilson will be teaching on Thursdays and Fridays during the school day for boys in Years 4 to 7, and on Friday afternoons for Year 8 boys between 12.00pm and 3.00pm in rotation.

If you need any further information before registering your son,  please do not hesitate to contact her by clicking here.

Hettie Arends
Speech and drama is Hettie's biggest passion, and she delights in passing on her love of confident communication, acting, poetry and literature to students. She has over 30 years' experience teaching in schools, community theatre and to individual students. Hettie has an Associate Diploma (ASB) of Teaching Speech and Drama from Speech NZ, and a BA in English and History, with an emphasis on literature and performance studies.

Through the medium of speech and drama, students develop empathy, reading and public speaking skills, self-confidence, creativity and teamwork.  Exam preparation (Speech NZ and Trinity Guildhall) emphasises impromptu work, characterisation, reading aloud, conversational skills and presenting poetry and literary extracts.  Students are able to enter exams if they have prior experience in Speech and Drama.
Hettie is looking forward to meeting the Medbury students and working with them to develop a love for, and knowledge of, speech and drama. Mrs Arends will teach on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and on Monday afternoons for Year 8 boys between 12.00pm and 3.00pm in rotation.
If you would like any more information, please contact Hettie by clicking here.

Cost and Venue:
Lessons are charged by the term at $21.00 per lesson for each boy. Lessons are always charged unless the whole class is cancelled.  Lessons are held in the Boarders' Common Room.  Students are required to give at least four weeks notification if withdrawing from lessons.

Please note that places for Speech and Drama lessons are limited for 2018, and will be allocated on a strict ‘first in, first allocated’ basis.
Once you have submitted your online registration, you will receive an email confirming your selection.  

Registration Form - Speech and Drama Lessons 2018

I understand $21.00 per lesson will be charged to my son’s school account each term.
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