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spanish Lessons 2017 – YEARS 1 TO 8

Cassie Flores has been teaching Spanish for over eleven years.   Cassie is keen to work with boys who wish to learn the Spanish language.   She strongly believes that learning a second language at an early age benefits children in different ways, as they begin to understand their own language roots and make connections between languages. It also helps to develop their self-confidence.

Venue and Times:
Monday  - lunchtime (advanced) 
Monday - 3.00pm - 3.30pm in the Innovation Suite (Years 1 and 2)
Monday - 3.30pm - 4.15pm in the Innovation Suite (Beginners Years 3 to 8) 

Years 3 to 8                               Years 1 and 2
$160 for a nine week term       $107 for a nine week term
$144 for an eight week term    $97 for an eight week term

$128 for a seven week term     $85 for a seven week term

Please note that a separate account will be sent to you directly from Cassie at the commencement of each term.  Payment is to be made directly to Cassie.

For more information contact Cassie Flores on 0221767593 or email by
clicking here.

If you would like your son to have Spanish Lessons during 2017, please submit the online Registration Form by clicking here.

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