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Roboprogers club 2017 – YEARS 4 TO 8

This club is only available for boys who are in Years 4 to 8.

In the RoboProgers Club we aim to have fun exploring how to programme robots and work as teams to achieve challenges which are set. We will be using modern, sophisticated Robot Lego for this called, “Mindstorms” and also learn programming skills using a programme called, “Scratch.”  It is important to note that this should not conflict with sports practices or any other commitments he may have.

Venue and Times:

Tuesday -  3.25pm - 4.30pm in the Junior Technology Room 


$55.00 will be charged to your son’s school account at the end of each term.

Please note that places in the RoboProgers Club are limited, and will be allocated on a strict ‘first in, first allocated’ basis.

If you would like your son to join the RoboProgers Club during 2017, please submit the online Registration Form by clicking here.

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