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After School Care

The Medbury After-School Care Programme allows parents to collect their sons after school later than 3.00pm for Years 1 & 2, and 3.20pm for Years 3 to 8, knowing that they are being well looked after.  It runs from 3.00pm until 6.00pm during the school term.

Please click here to complete an online booking form, requesting that your son/s attends After-School Care on a regular time and day during the week.  Please note this needs to be completed at the beginning of each term.  You can also use this form for casual bookings.

BOYS IN YEARS 1 AND 2 (Monday to Thursday)

3.00pm – 3.55pm: Years 1 and 2 boys are escorted to the library. Afternoon tea is provided, after which Prep is supervised and then the boys are free to play quiet games or enjoy supervised games outside.

BOYS IN YEARS 3 TO 8 (Monday to Thursday)

3.20pm – 3.55pm: Years 3 to 8 boys sign in at the Library, they then go outside for a supervised activity. Afternoon tea is provided at 3.45pm, and following this, Prep is supervised and boys are then free to play.

BOYS IN YEARS 1 TO 8 (Friday)

All boys sign in to the library and afternoon is served. Boys can then choose to join in with a supervised game outside, or watch a movie.


It is imperative that all boys are signed out when being picked up. There is a ‘sign out’ chart with the After-School Care Supervisor. A sibling over the age of 14 or an older brother who is currently a pupil at Medbury, may sign your son out, providing the School Office has received written permission from the Parent/Caregiver.

The electronic doors to the main block in which the library is situated, are locked from 5.00pm. The bell for the After-School Care Programme is located on the left outside the electronic doors. Please ring this bell and the After-School Care Supervisor will open the doors, enabling you to collect your son.

If you are unable to collect your son at the designated time, you can call the After-School Care Supervisor on 0277720630.

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