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'Benchmark' Your Son's Abilities at Medbury - Years 4 to 8

It is true that no two boys are alike, especially when it comes to achieving academic and developmental milestones.  Here at Medbury we use benchmarking assessments for boys in Years 4 to 8, to understand each boy’s strengths and challenges, to personalise an education that will help him achieve his true potential.

To truly appreciate a Medbury education we offer ‘Test Drive Days’, where your son can spend time experiencing a typical day at Medbury.  As part of this day we are now able to offer some ‘Benchmark’ assessments looking at his Literacy and Numeracy.  These results, and the information from his current school report, will allow us to demonstrate how the personalised learning programmes at Medbury will spark his imagination and engagement in learning.

Benchmark assessments at Medbury School will provide you with feedback on:

  • your son’s strengths and areas in need of improvement
  • information on your son’s inter-personal skills
  • an understanding on how the personalised learning programmes at Medbury will unlock your son’s full potential

For further details or to book a Test Drive Day for your son, please contact the office on 03 351 6169 or email by clicking here.

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