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The 'Medbury Green' Project

As part of the landscape strategy and vision, Medbury School has recently undergone a development of the sports field to improve its functional level of use, with the official opening taking place on 31 March 2015.

Redevelopment of the sports field recognises the field’s importance as an asset to the School, for the students development, learning and growth. Works to the field uncluded re-levelling, drainage and irrigation to vastly improve the playing surface for year-round sports. New positions for cricket, rugby and football fields have greatly enhanced the School’s profile for hosting sports fixtures.

For the development of the sports field to be successful, the future of existing trees framing the field needed to be addressed. Where existing trees compromised the functional use of the field or pose a health and safety threat to the school, a strategy has been developed for their removal and replacement.  The majority of large, deciduous trees which do not adversely affect the sports field have been retained, with the existing trees forming a strong visual anchor for the School field and grounds, as well as the adjacent street frontage and neighbours.  Further planting of trees to replace those which have been removed will complement the existing trees, to form an attractive frame for the field and an identifiable, high amenity street frontage.  As part of the long-term tree strategy, eleven Large Leaved Lime trees (Tilia platyphyllos) will be planted to frame the south-east corner of the field - the ‘Medbury First XI'.

The 'Medbury Green' offers everything associated with a high quality sporting environment - an excellent sports field facility for the development of future atheletes/sportsmen, in an attractive setting, which strongly contributes to the School’s identity and character.

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