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A boy with values is a boy set for life

Unlocking Every Boy's Potential

Appealing to boys' learning styles through personalised learning programmes

Sport at Mebury

Boys are encourage to play sport at a level where they can compete and enjoy

    Medbury is one of Australasia's leading private primary schools for the education of boys from Years 1 to 8.

    Located in Christchurch, New Zealand, Medbury caters for 350 dayboys and boarders, with its Boarding House providing a welcoming home for up to 43 boys. Medbury School has an outstanding history of educational, cultural and sporting excellence and provides an environment where boys thrive, guided by firm boundaries, clearly defined requirements, and exceptional peer support.

    Medbury offers your son a host of diverse and stimulating activities, with excellent facilities both inside and outside the classroom. Our personalised learning programmes ensure that we unlock every boy's potential, whilst fostering an interest in learning that will last him a lifetime.